Dave has been featured as a guest on several platforms in order to talk about "Dying Out Loud". As they are released, they will be added below:

  • Life After God​ (Recorded on 4/9; Released 4/18/2019)
  • Everyone's Agnostic (Recorded on 4/15; pending release)
  • Your Atheist Pastor (Recorded 4/16; Pending release)
  • Voices of Deconversion (Recording Scheduled for 4/11)
  • Geeks Without God (Recording Scheduled for 4/23)
  • Dogma Debate (Recording scheduled for 4/26)
  • ​Shunned (Recording Scheduled for 5/6)
  • Atheist Underground (Recording Scheduled for 5/8)
  • ​The Free Thought Prophet (Recording scheduled for 5/18)
  • First Unitarian Society of Minneapolis (In-Person on 7/14)

Updated as of 4/18/2019

Dave Warnock Appearances